With just one post…and a simple mindmap, the secret’s out. I’m writing a new book for businesses and entrepreneurs wanting more from online for their business.

I believe that you don’t need to be Uber, Facebook or Tesla to disrupt your market and your industry.

And, I’m doing it in 30,000 words or more. In 30 days.

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson are great guys, but they’ve also were doing it for a long time. Yes, you can strive to “be” there, but we need working examples within our own realm. Don’t even get me started on Celebrity Entrepreneurs either (Kim Kardashian — I’m talking to you!)

Everything seems to be about the latest greatest tech startup.

And, we are told that if you “ain’t a unicorn… you ain’t winning”.

Everyone talks about them, but they seem to be so far out of reach, we always get kicked in the a$$ back to reality. We’ve been told that these “Unicorns” are fictional creatures, yet the startup, and so many other markets seem to think otherwise.

Is this really “disruption”? And, what exactly is “transformation”, while we’re on the topic…

However, to most businesses out there — we really just don’t care about “fictional” creatures; “show me the money” is where most businesses are at, now.

Now is where it’s at.

Most businesses need more, Now.

They need a bigger audience, they need more relevance, they need to connect with their audience with salience, they need greater influence, and yes, they need more sales. The challenge is that these aspects are not always connected by businesses. Alarmingly, the “digital marketing” industry itself has in fact grown to disconnect these things, to create silos, to create dependency, to create techno-babble, with the result being bonafide online business mediocrity at the end of the day.

I believe that you don’t need to be a tech startup darling to disrupt how you generate business online.

You don’t need to be as big, have as much money, or even have a huge staff to grow your business to where you want it. These will help, but they won’t guarantee success.

You don’t need to be a celebrity-entrepreneur (or even just a celebrity) to create a connection with your audience and customer.

You can do it by transforming how you think about business online, and leveraging what it can do for you. You can disrupt the status quo by applying some key concepts to how you operate your business online.

This is what I am going to show you in this upcoming book.

You can do it with some simple intellectual and operational “re-structuring” of your business, and the way you look at your market, to better enable how you connect with your audience. You can do it by further defining your digital strategy, and creating a complete digital ecosystem that survives and thrives, regardless of the market conditions. Of course, the ultimate goal is more leads and sales, right? That’s what I’m talking about!

Here’s my “challenge”, as I write this book. I’m planning on writing 30,000+ words in 30 days — so yes, average about 1000 words per day. This is a pretty big task, as some research and referencing also needs to happen at the same time.

Everyday that I write pieces of the book, I’m going to post it here onto Facebook Notes, as well as onto Linkedin Publisher.

There are no sacred cows, no leprechauns, magicians, not even any unicorns here.

The content will be “raw” = no editing; only ideas and concepts. It may not look pretty, either. Editing comes later. It won’t even be in order either, as it is impossible to write completely sequentially. I’ll also try to create a short video that also elaborates on the concepts that I’m writing about, to hopefully fill in some extra gaps, or give me some more writing to do.

You can jump in at any time along the way — no need to follow everything — just that which might interest you and help you in your business journey.

It’s going to be a living, breathing, thinking book project. I know that most authors work “in secret” not wanting their CrackerJack “unicorn prizes” to be revealed until the end… I’m thinking otherwise :). I’m thinking that by showing you what I’ve got started, and getting feedback and insights along the way from you, we’ll be able produce something of greater significance.

And, who knows — maybe I’ll even have a few other co-authors along the way…?

Most assuredly, I would appreciate your feedback along the way. When you decide that you would like to post a comment or send something my way, please consider these 3 questions:

  1. Does it make sense?
  2. Can I apply it?
  3. What can make it better?

Here’s a quick intro video that I did of the book writing challenge concept, and how I am going to execute it… please take a look.

Watch the video here

Looking forward to getting some ideas out there, and seeing where they go.

See you online.


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Originally published at www.facebook.com.

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