Why Is A Pizza Company More Innovative Than You Are? Why Are Online Businesses Moving Offline? What’s Video Got to Do With it?

What’s going on with digital and how does it affect your business?

Today on my weekly Digital Strategy “State of Digital” Facebook Live 2017 09 11 — I’m talking about digital issues that are causing changes that you need to be aware of, and more importantly, what you can do about.

1. Why Pizza is innovating online and you’re not

2. Why e-commerce brands are flipping the script and opening brick-and-mortar stores & How to create an experience that spans online and offline

3. What’s your Facebook Live Video Strategy? Or, do you even have one?

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Watch the Facebook Live Video Replay Here

1. Why Pizza is innovating online and you’re not

And, he asks the question that we should all look at: Are we a pizza company that uses technology, or a technology company that delivers pizza? The answer is probably both.

Today, Dominoes receives more than 60% of their orders online, with more than half of those coming through mobile. But as mobile use exploded, their customers began to expect faster, even more frictionless ways to place their orders.

Take a look at how to actually be innovative, and think — “how many ways can you deliver pizza”:

  1. Friction burns customers
  2. Build, test, learn. Repeat.
  3. Relentless forward progress



2. How to create an experience that spans online and offline

Amazon and others are doing it now.

Away’s stores in New York, Los Angeles and London, the brand hosts events including concerts and yoga classes.

Regardless of how convenient online shopping is, consumers still like to visualize, try-on and feel products before purchasing them.

If you are a service based business — think of events and how you. can start to connect with a more engaged audience who wants to do business with you.

Has there ever been a salesperson who closed a million-dollar deal via an outbound email blast? My guess is that the chances this has happened range from slim to none. — Bill Carmody




3. What’s your Facebook Live Video Strategy?

Best Industry for Video? (BuzzSumo)

How long to make a quick video? (BuzzSumo)

How Long to make a LIVE video? (BuzzSumo)

The BIG take-away? If you’re making “regular videos”, keep it to about 90 seconds; if you’re producing LIVE videos, then look at delivering longer value, of 15 minutes.



Watch the Facebook Live Video Replay Here

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