“Social Selling Is Not A Fad, It’s Your New Digital Reality” — Breaking Digital Podcast Episode 35

Doyle Buehler
5 min readApr 19, 2017

“What would happen if you could take all of your customers out to lunch, sit them down in front of you, and tell them about your products and services everyday?” Tim Hughes, of Digital Leadership Associates from the UK, outlines how to make this a reality without a huge expense. Join podcast host Doyle Buehler for a fascinating discussion on how social media has forever changed the face of selling. Tim breaks down exactly how you can optimise your sales with social. Did you know that classic sales people aren’t keeping up with the dysfunction? Personal brands need to exist online and people need to find them interesting enough to engage.

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Tim Hughes is a transformational leader, best selling author of “Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers”, and a top 10 Social Media influencer. Tim joins host Doyle Buehler and discusses why people need to embrace the social selling process because, “If you don’t sell, you don’t make money, therefore you don’t actually exist”. With a background in sales and sales management, Tim has been involved in Social Media for over 7 years, having built a following on Twitter of 160,000 and becoming a top 10 influencer. He spent the last 3 years working on the largest sales and marketing business transformations; transitioning a business that did a small number of high-value sales on premise to a model that supports volume and velocity; Cloud and SaaS.

“Social selling is now the norm. We call it ‘social selling’ because we need to differentiate it from the old.” ~ Timothy Hughes

Tim enables sales people to thrive in modern social selling techniques and explores why you don’t just need to sell your brand, you need to learn to sell yourself. Tim instructs listeners to “Google themselves” immediately and gives steps on how to build a more intriguing profile. He has built a unique framework to support selling and marketing using white boarding, storytelling, ROI model, benefit selling etc. . .

Forget tradition! Buying and selling will never be the same and the disruption is only going to get bigger. Social selling has been and will continue to be norm. The only reason it’s called “social selling” instead of “selling” is that we need to differentiate it from the “old”. People need to catch up! With the disruption in the market from Cloud and Social, Tim was involved in the European transformation of the sales and marketing teams at one of the largest tech companies in the world, across 2,000 people. Although Tim is an internationally renown speaker, blogger and writer, he encourages listeners to connect with him because “social is about being social and inclusive — not exclusive!”

  1. The transition from traditional selling to social media to social selling: Sales people only provide 20% of information and aren’t contacted until 85% of the transaction is complete.
  2. Digital Disruption is “business as usual” and it’s only going to get faster.
  3. Everybody is in sales. If you don’t sell anything, no money is coming in, therefore, you don’t exist.
  4. Create a personal brand so that people can find you and are actually interested in interacting with you. There is a line between being clever and being stupid.
  5. David & Goliath: How Social Selling has levelled the playing field for smaller company’s who want to scale SME’s.
  6. Behaviours you need to change to succeed at social selling and see an ROI

Breaking Digital Podcast By Doyle Buehler

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Copy & Paste Some Other Great Quotes from Timothy Hughes

“People are very ready to absorb information about social selling because it’s so new.”

“There is a massive change in the way people buy. People do research online now so you don’t need a salesperson to get information anymore.”

“Social selling is now the norm. We call it ‘social selling’ because we need to differentiate it from the old.”

“I’m getting 10 C level sales meetings per week using Twitter!”

“Everybody is in sales regardless of where you sit in the organisation. If you don’t sell anything, then no money comes in, therefore you don’t exist.”

“People put their CV on LinkedIn. That’s not enough anymore.”

“Go and ‘Google yourself’! See what other people see when they look you up — make them curious.”

“If you post on LinkedIn in a way that isn’t boring or spammy, you are able to be in the front of your customers mind everyday.”

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