Is Social Media Really About Personal Branding, Or Just About My Last Breakfast Photos?

Friends & Family or Business & ‘Strangers’? What’s most important for you on social media and personal branding?

Well yes, ‘it depends’. Should you have one, or all? Why do you even need to decide?

Most of us have a big challenge deciding and then separating personal from business on FaceBook, Linkedin and other social channels.

In my #Breakthrough Digital Discovery Marketing Q&A 2017 09 22 — I’m discussing what to look for in making your decision on how to separate the two, or if it is even necessary.

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How to decide what/how you should separate your social media profiles, or if you even should can be a difficult choice, but one that needs to be made. If you are really in business, then your business and personal profiles have in fact “Merged” — there is no escaping it.

A lot of of it actually comes down to personal branding — what is your personal brand about?

To be blunt, social media is personal branding. What you do with this amazing opportunity is up to you.

And, social selling is all about polishing your personal brand, so it gives you the full capabilities to do this, and make your business work better. If you want to improve your social selling, then look at how you are building your social media profiles and your personal branding.

It’s ok to talk about your personal life on social media even with your “business pants” on — most people enjoy this, as it allows you to step outside of your “business” and see what you are really about.

We all get stuck and not sure what to post or where — whether we will offend our family, or if we should be all about the business.

Here’s how to help you along:

  1. What is your purpose?
  2. Why can’t you have both?
  3. There is no such thing as a “private” profile — people will find you; why not make it easy? Why would you want to make it hard?
  4. Compare them — Linkedin & Facebook are different, yet we still want to see your personality

Just don’t post crazy stuff on any of the social media platforms… like this:

Let’s not wreck it for the rest of us :)

Watch The Facebook Live Video Here:

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