How To Make Digital Easy With Repurposing Strategies

Digital was supposed to make business easier. Right?

We all can remember what we were told. Problem is, it is getting way too complicated.

You spend a lot of time creating content — now you can see how to repurpose it to make your life (and business) a lot easier.

What is Digital Done Right? Can you recycle and repurpose your content?

“Easy” & “Digital” doesn’t always seem to ring that true.

Hani Mourra is changing that with a unique look at how to grow your content the easy way.

We’re going to be talking about how to easily convert your content from one format to another, and then distribute on your channels.

For podcasters — this is something to help you out, but also for entrepreneurs looking to get more mileage with what you produce.

Digital Leadership #Breakthrough Guest

Watch The Facebook Live Replay Here

Does your content need to be complicated? Not just in writing about it, but then getting it out ‘there’?

What can you do to make it easier?

No, you don’t need to do everything yourself. Just the important stuff.

Today I’m talking with Hani Mourra on my Digital Leadership#Breakthrough Show — he’s the founder of an amazing app that helps you automatically repurpose your content.

If you’d always wanted to repurpose your Facebook Live streams and also about ways to repurpose your Audio Podcasts for Maximum Reach into a podcast (if you feel you have podcasters in the audience). Here are the key points to get from one medium to the next and increase your digital productivity…

1. Facebook Lives -> YouTube

2. Facebook Lives -> Blog Posts

3. Facebook Lives -> Audio Podcasts

4. Audio Podcasts -> YouTube

5. Audio Podcasts -> Facebook

6. Audio Podcasts -> Blog Posts (also known as Show Notes Pages)

How To Find Hani Mourra

Founder of #Repurpose


Watch The Facebook Live Replay Here

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