How Do You Convince & Convert With Your Content?

What are your overall strategies for content? Are you able to convert them across your entire digital ecosystem? Do you have a strategy that helps convince?

Here’s how to get the most out of your Live video content, and amplify it across your channels.

Digital Leadership #Breakthrough Show 2017 10 09 — State of Digital

In today’s show I’m talking about strategies on how to deliver amazing content for a long term strategy and how to use live video and amplify your content.

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Organising Your Content

Take your main content and split it up over 3 Tiers.

Tier 1 — Initial Content

Tier 2 — Secondary Content

Tier 3 — Tertiary Content

Content Rules & Strategy

These are my overall strategies for content

  1. Create Real Content that you would want to see
  2. Deliver Consistency & Congruency
  3. CONVERT & Amplify IT — not everything needs to be “new”

Putting it all together

Tier 1 — Initial Content (short term)

  1. Create a captions file from (set it to “captions” not “sub-titles” nor “transcript”
  2. Download .srt file for captions
  3. Download .txt for blogs and notes and tweetable moments
  4. Upload captions to your FB video
  5. Upload video to Youtube (add captions), vimeo, Linkedin (under 10 minutes)
  6. Create articles
  7. Short articles — introduction, main points
  8. Facebook Notes — embed video link
  9. Linkedin, Medium, BLOG — Make sure it is a fit for your audience
  10. Add link of articles BACK onto FB live video so that you complete the circle

Tier 2 — Secondary Content (Medium term)

  1. Upload as a podcast audio only
  2. Share & Schedule different formats across your channels

Tier 3 — Tertiary Content (Long-term — evergreen)

  1. Edit videos and audio as snippets
  2. answering one specific question or “thought”
  3. Add bumpers — intro & outro
  4. Write a book
  5. Make a presentation and publish onto
  6. Create a webinar

Watch the Facebook Live Video Replay Here

Welcome to the Digital Leadership #Breakthrough Show.

I’m Doyle Buehler, and my goal is to help you better understand and pursue what matters most in your digital business, and how to make a difference with your digital strategy through enhancing and embracing your digital leadership. I help enterprise and entrepreneurs scale, grow and disrupt their business and sales through digital leadership, and I’m the author of the book on digital strategy — The Digital Delusion. The overall purpose? To answer the one important question, “What Real world digital strategies actually work for my business?” Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but the goal here is to help you decide which strategies can work best for you. There are 3 core categories that we go through as part of these Digital Leadership Facebook Live events

  1. Digital Leadership Guests, where I interview an expert in the field, and discuss their strategies for success.
  2. The Digital Discovery “Strategy & Marketing Q&A”, where I review tools, answer questions or talk about specific challenges that affect you and may be holding you back.

I appreciate your time, ideas and insights. Please write a comment or question below and tell me what you think.

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I help Enterprise & Entrepreneurs scale, disrupt & grow their business and sales through Digital Leadership. The difference between a successful business and one that fails is razor thin. What side are you on? Where is your ‘tipping point’ to grow and scale, or stay firmly back in mediocrity? What if it was only $2 that separated your businesses between success and failure? What if this ‘tipping point’ was something that you could actively identify? Find out what your tipping point to success is.

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