Can you architect the digital experiences that will attract and engage your audience, across your digital ecosystem?

Digital Experience Changes Everything. It’s no longer “good enough” to just have a website and a ‘Contact Us’ page, and maybe a blog or two…

You’re one-click away from disaster if you don’t.

Can you embrace and create the “full” experience that your audience will have with you?

Digital Strategy “State of Digital” #Breakthrough Show 2017 10 09

In today’s show I’m talking about “creating an exceptional digital experience”

In recent report from Forrester Research & IBM — they investigated how digital experiences can attract and engage, on any channel.

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The first thing they looked at is how to Drive Unified Customer Experiences With Technology And Culture:

  • The study found that while the mandate to collaborate has been heard, there is still work to be done to move to the next level and put in place technology, processes, and culture to create digital customer experience in real time.

In today’s market, The Customer Experience Goes Digital

  • Digital CX: pervasive and vital — Customers now experience a firm’s products and services via mobile, web, and social media. Of firms that are improving customer experience, 53% are improving online experiences.
  • Customer-focused content — Great content serves what customers want, when and where they want it. Forrester’s Business Technographics® finds 85% of firms are investing in content management tools.
  • A business-critical obligation — Digital experience requires a holistic view across touchpoints, content, and analytics. This calls for unified strategies and a collaborative culture. How are companies doing in this effort?

How are you creating exceptional digital experiences? As complexity and customer demands grow, how are you managing the processes, technologies, and tools?

Paramount is the ability to deliver relevant, personalized digital experiences to their customers.

Other opportunities include: • Data integration improves use and speed across channels. • Firms are better prepared for future innovations. • An integrated environment is easier and less costly to manage. • The operational costs to deliver experiences decrease.

Key Takeaways

› Firms are aware of the need to create exceptional digital customer experiences, but only a minority are actively investing in leadership capabilities like integration across channels, personalized content, and cognitive response.

› Marketing and technology functions must build trust and create customer-centric cultures.

› Integrated, real-time content is seen as a key element of great digital experience, but only a third of firms surveyed currently integrate processes and technologies for content across channels.

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