How A Human-tech Company from New York is changing the way it helps businesses get better work done.

Digital Leadership #Breakthrough guest — George Raptis 2017 10 25

Isn’t it amazing that you can step onto the corner of any city in the world, raise your hand or ‘call’ an app, and within minutes jump in a vehicle to be taken by a driver absolutely anywhere that you…

The sky (marketing) is not falling whenever Facebook changes their so-called newsfeed algorithm.

The ‘secret’ is to not rely on it in the first place.

Recent reports coming out of the social media marketing world are saying many things about Facebook, that will supposedly drop organic reach dramatically over the coming months, with the installation of 2 feeds — one for friends and families, and one for business. …

Digital Experience Changes Everything. It’s no longer “good enough” to just have a website and a ‘Contact Us’ page, and maybe a blog or two…

You’re one-click away from disaster if you don’t.

Can you embrace and create the “full” experience that your audience will have with you?

Digital Strategy “State of Digital” #Breakthrough Show 2017 10 09

In today’s…

Doyle Buehler

Developing Leadership in Digital

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